Kauno pilis

Underground Kaunas

There are many legends about underground Kaunas, about the cavities at the confluence of Kaunas, between the Nemunas and Neris rivers, from which the young girl’s cries, screams, and crazy murmurs can be heard. Go to Kaunas Castle, close your eyes, and listen, what do you hear?
People say that Kaunas was once an extraordinary city and distinguished itself from others by its beauty and hardworking, honest people. Kaunas was ruled by a brave and determined Princess. However, once Kaunas was attacked by enemies, and honest and kind people could not defend themselves. Seeing all the horrors, the Princess cursed Kaunas so that the city would sink into the underground. Thus she saved her people from destruction but condemned them to live forever in the darkness of the dungeon. She couldn‘t undo the curse herself.
After many centuries, Kaunas was rebuilt. One young man, knowing this extraordinary legend, decided to save the Princess and her Kaunas. The man walked in circles around the confluence for 12 days and 12 nights until one night, when the full moon came, the young man heard an unusual sound. He started digging in that place and unexpectedly discovered the gate. He dug the gates for a long time. He was tired and lay down to rest, and in his dream, he saw a Princess saying to him: „For many years my Kaunas has been cursed, it is time for him to rise. Go to the red church, take the holy water, one candle from the altar, and the key you will find under the organ. Return to the gate with the items. The sacred water will melt the lock of the gate, go down to the dungeon, light a candle, and it will show you the way. Pass silently through the sleeping lions. When you reach the castle, unlock the lock with the key, and Kaunas will be saved.“
The young man gathered all the objects as soon as he woke up and rushed to rescued the old Kaunas. After unlocking the gate, he went down to the dungeon. And there he saw magnificent buildings, shimmering streets, even blooming flowers. Underground Kaunas was much more beautiful than the current one. After lighting a candle, it began to show him the way. He slid quietly through the sleeping double-headed lions. Arriving at the castle gate, pulling the key out of his pocket, he accidentally dropped it on the ground and awoke the lions. The guy didn‘t have time to lift the key, he just ran from where he had come from, but he heard the sad voice of the Princess: „No one will be able to see this wonderful Kaunas anymore because you lost the castle key at the gate and no one else will be able to get here.“
When the young man went out, he hurried straight home. The next morning, he didn‘t found neither the locks nor the gates. The guy was obsessed with the thought of underground Kaunas, and for the rest of his life, he dug dozens of pits from which strange and intimidating sounds spread from time to time. Some people say that you can hear the cries of that mad young man in those cavities that he was so close to rescuing the old Kaunas.