Airėnų akmuo

The secrets of Airėnai stone

There used to be a girl who could talk to the trees. She liked to talk to centuries-old oaks the most because they knew stories you would never dream of. She traveled around the world collecting and writing down oak stories.
Once the girl came to the so-called Dūkštai oak grove. She learned from another traveler that a mysterious stone with obscure symbols carved in it lies in that oak grove. Also, she learned that two nearby villages had been at odds for many years over the stone signs’ origin. The inhabitants of Bradeliškės village were convinced that this stone marked the lands’ boundaries, and the inhabitants of Airėnai village thought that the stone was marked with unreadable symbols because the treasure was hidden under the stone.
The girl went to find out the truth. She asked the oaks in oak grove what they knew, but all of them were too young to know the truth. Next to the stone stood a giant, ancient, and almost withered oak. Respecting the oak’s honorable age, the girl very calmly and gently awoke him from a dream and began to ask about the strange stone. Old oak smiled and rejoiced that he would be able to tell all his stories before a long sleep. He started to talk in a calm voice:
„Once upon a time, nearby used to stand gates to the city of Kernavė, from which only this stone remained. Once a wealthy farmer put a stone here and marked the boundaries of his lands. When a farmer died, his farm for several centuries was ruled by a malicious family, the last of whom buried all his money under this stone. Not for long those treasures laid there, local shepherds excavated it. Then people forgot, both the farmer and the grabber. People started to come here in search of peace. Today, people visit this stone asking him to fulfill their desires, so they leave a small sacrifice on it: a coin, a flower, food.“
After this story, the oak told more stories about old wars, warriors, mounds, and castles. Later he sighed calmly and closed his eyes, probably for ages. The girl went to both villages, told what she had learned, and reconciled the villagers. Both villages were right.