Vytauto kalnas

The Queen in the Hill

Once upon a time, a kind-hearted young, beloved king lived in the surroundings of Birštonas. It was told that he was beloved of river godess and was awarded with extraordinary wisdom and wealth. Once, while riding through his lands, he met a young girl grazing cows back home. The king fell in love at first sight, brought her to his palace, and married her. The goddess was furious at this king’s decision. She tried to bribe the girl to leave the kingdom, but the girl was already in love with the king and refused, saying: "I’d better be cursed!"
So, the river godess did curse the girl to live in the same palace for eternity. The years passed, the king grew old, died, the castle collapsed, only the hill remained, and the young queen remained living inside that hill.
Many years later, a group of children discovered a hole in the hill and decided to go there and check if the queen’s legend was true. They chose the smallest boy, tied him to the rope, and told him to go inside the hole. Inside, a boy saw a young queen sitting on a chest and guarding the gold. The queen looked at the boy and quietly asked: „What is the greatest happiness?“
The boy thought briefly and replied: „To love and be loved.“
The queen rewarded him and wished him good luck. The boy happily left the hill and told everyone what he saw and showed the wealth he had received, only forgot to mention the queen’s question and spoken answer. The others also wanted gold. One by one, they began to go inside the hill, but no one returned. People say the queen killed them all because they were too greedy.