Giluičių piliakalnis

The Poured Church

There is a hill near Giluitis lake - it is called Giluičiai mound. Historians have found that the mound and settlement in this place existed in the first millennium. It’s no surprise, then, that the hill has so many extraordinary stories.
One of the stories tells that there used to stand an infinitely beautiful and rich church in this place. When the enemies suddenly attacked, the villagers, together with the priest, buried the church so that the enemies could not rob and desecrate it. No one knows whether the church was later excavated or whether it was left to sleep under the hill.
Another story says that there used to be a hole at the top of the mound. If you threw a stone, it would have fallen for a long time until it reached the bottom. Some villagers believed that if you come down into that pit, you would see a church, while other villagers said that inside the hill lived a young girl dressed in white. She went out in the evenings for a walk around the mound. It is said that even today, on a sweltering summer evening, she can be seen walking around and crooning ancient songs.