Liškiavos piliakalnis

The Palace of Liškiava

Once upon a time, there lived three brothers - powerful kings. One of them lived in Liškiava, the second in Merkinė, and the third in Punia.
The eldest of them all lived in Liškiava. Once, he married a witch named Vokė. With the help of the devils, that witch built him a large stone palace in forty-four nights and enclosed it with high walls. The palace had three gates cast of pure copper. Vokė also dug underground tunnels under the castle, which led to the other side of Nemunas. Some people think that the tunnel went all the way to Merkinė or even to Raigardas. It is said that in those tunnels, Vokė met the devils and demons. They provided the witch with the meat of young children because she ate only that.
The king of Liškiava, having such a fortified palace, began to oppress his brothers, wishing to occupy their lands. Having acquired such devilish power, he plundered a lot and impoverished his people more and more.
One day people united with the brothers who lived in Merkinė and Punia, rebelled, and attacked the palace. Many days the siege took place, and many good men were killed. Many lost hope to defeat the evil king and his wife. As many as the king’s fighters were killed during the day, Vokė went out on the tower at night, shouted in a sharp voice, and all those fighters revived. But one day, a brave man appeared who sneaked up very close, and as soon as Vokė appeared on the tower, he shot her with a silver button and killed her, because you can‘t kill a witch with a simple bullet. Then people destroyed the castle and killed the evil king.
The palace eventually collapsed, part sank in the Nemunas, other part turned to dust, only one tower, in which Vokė was killed, has survived to this day.