Varnupių piliakalnis

The Manor of Varnas

A long time ago, the landowner Varnas built a manor on the Varnupiai mound, which the ancient Lithuanians once built for the defense from the Crusaders. The manor was magnificent, the best craftsmen from all over Europe were invited to create it. However, the landlord was an angry man - deceiving merchants, craftsmen, being greedy, and often beaten his subordinates as soon as they did something wrong.
Once hunting in a nearby forest, Varnas saw a gorgeous shepherd grazing the manor g eese. The landlord immediately fell in love and decided to marry her. The next day he sent the matchmakers to her house, but she refused to marry the landlord, as she was in love with the village tailor.
When the matchmakers returned, Varnas was so furious that he had beaten up everyone who was in his way. The next day, the landlord, unwilling to admit that a peasant girl refused to marry him, came up with the plan to punish her. He commanded one of his servants to steal one goose from the shepherd girl. When the girl returned from the fields, Varnas immediately counted her geese, and one was missing. He immediately ordered to tied the girl to a pole and to whip her. When the poor girl was released, she said to Varnas with her last breath: „May God punish you for that!“
Along with those words, the beautiful manor began to crack. The frightened servants managed to escape, but Varnas couldn’t. Some forces were holding him inside. He sank with the whole manor straight into the depths of the earth, only the hill remained.
Locals say they sometimes at night still see that shepherd coming back to the river to water her geese.