Vilkokšnio ežeras

The Lake of Vilkokšnis

A long time ago, people noticed bizarre things happening in one hilly place. All surrounding area wolves gathered in that place as soon as the full moon came. They stayed there for day and night till the new moon. People were afraid to walk in that place during the full moon - fear of wolves or other mysterious forces.
Once when the moon was almost full, one man was coming back home from the fields and saw water coming from the hills, he couldn‘t believe his eyes, in front of that water a wolf was running. The frightened man began to shout: „There the wolf is running and some kind of vilkokšnis (wolf stream) behind it!“
Other people nearby also saw the same image and started crying: „Vilkokšnis! Vilkokšnis!”
While people were shouting, the water started to pour even stronger from the surrounding hills. The water made deep ditches, and the lake remained in that place. People named the lake Vilkokšnis. After this event, no one else could see the wolves either by the lake or anywhere else in the area.