Simno bažnyčia

The Giants of Simnas Church

Giants once walked on the land of Lithuania. They lived crazy lives, came up with all sorts of entertainment. Two of these cheerful giants lived in the Simnas area.
It is said that two giants built Simnas church. And everything was so. Simnas area people didn‘t have their church for a long time because as soon as they started building it, some evil forces prevented it from finishing. Once, while covering the roof, a strong wind raised and carried away both the roof and half of the church. The second time, just before the altar was built, a terrible fire broke out, and the church burned to the ground. For the third time, people beautifully dressed were going to go to the first Sunday Mass when they came and saw the stone thrown on the church - the devils’ work.
Simnas residents lost their hope and gave up. Only one young man didn‘t intend to give up and came up with a trick. Not far from Simnas, there lived two self-loving giants who loved to play the violin, but no one wanted to listen to them for fear of being crushed. The guy went to those giants and said: „If you build a church for our people, you will be able to play during all the masses, and people won‘t be afraid of you anymore.“
The giants, who couldn‘t resist such a great opportunity to play for people, agreed. The giants had built the church in three days. It was so strong that no devil could take it. And the giants have become the heroes of the area.
There used to be one giant leaned on one side of the church, the other on the other, and both chewed tobacco and talked about serious matters. Old people said that Simnas church would go to hell with all people inside during the Mass. But nothing happened.
Once the giants decided to travel and left their violins to be stored in Simnas Church. Those violins are still there, waiting for giants to return and be played with them again.