Džiuginėnų piliakalnis

The Giant Džiugas

Once upon a time, there lived a great giant named Džiugas. His travels and feats were loudly described in various stories, sung in songs. He has traveled the world doing good things. After going around the earth three times, he returned to his native land - Telšiai. He decided to settle there for a longer time. He shed the sand from his shoes, and a large mountain and a cave emerged from it, and Džiugas settled in that cave.
In the morning, a giant rose from that cave to work. He rooted out trees and threw them against himself. Thus began to appear a city. But in that place, witches loved to hang around. They didn‘t like Džiugas’ works, so they kept trying to stop him. While Džiugas was sleeping in his cave, they would dig under the city and dig until everything collapsed. The next morning, Džiugas restored what had been destroyed. This fight was so long that no one remembers how long it lasted. Eventually, the water rose from the depths of the earth and flooded the battlefield. Unwilling to soak in water, witches chose Šatrija hill for their feasts, which arose from the dug soil. Džiugas gave the name of Mastis Lake to those waters, and next to it, he finished building the city of Telšiai. Once the giant rested in his cave, the opening closed forever and became a giant’s grave.