Tauragno ežeras

The Drowned Stone

People say that some stones are alive and have souls. Stones teach people peace, concentration, and patience.
But over many thousands of years, a wide variety of events have happened to the stones. One such story came from the area of the Lake Tauragnas. In those areas, a lot of stones are found; people say that rolling glaciers lost them. One such lost stone named Tpruzinas and his wife Tpruzinienė, with their children, wanted to swim across the lake.
They rolled down Taurapilis mound and swam away. The wife said to her husband if he wants to ask something, he shouldn’t turn back. When they start swimming, Tpruzinas asked: „Are you swimming?“
„I am.“ - replied his wife and swam further.
After some time, he asked again: „Are you swimming?“
„I am.“ - replied and swam away.
For the third time, he wanted to ask, but he turned back to look and asked: „Are you swimming?“
„I am.“ - the wife replied silently and drowned.
The father with kids crossed the lake and sat down in the field of Šiematis.