Velnio duobė

The Devil’s Pit

From ancient times, strange things were happening in the forest of Kalvai. Once, there stood an infinitely beautiful temple built by the people who believed it would scare all the devils out of the woods. The consecrated priests have served in that church, so the crimes made by the devils greatly diminished, and people slowly have forgotten the evil spirit living in the woods.
But one day, a wicked man moved into a nearby village. People said that he had moved here from faraway lands hiding from justice. There were rumors that he had killed his wife, but no one really knew was it true or not. The settler was always frowning and dissatisfied also, he was extremely greedy and never missed an opportunity to shout at someone. Once, the wicked man insisted on marrying one old maid from the village. Since he had already been married once in the church, he couldn‘t do so a second time, and the girl refused to marry him without the blessing of the priest. The outraged settler took the old maid to the beautiful church, found the priest, pulled out his sword, and threatened the priest, saying: „Marry us!“
The priest, having nothing to do, obeyed. At that time, all the devils in the area immediately felt the wickedness, surrounded the church, and waited, feeding on the evil force. As soon as the groom spoke the vow, strange things began to happen: the wind rose, the branches of the trees broke, the walls of the church began to tremble, and the bells sounded so loud that all the surrounding church bells responded to them. There was a terrible noise. The beautiful church began to sink into the earth. After a moment, all that was left - a giant pit with water in the middle of it. From that water, only the church towers with crosses could be seen. Only the priest was standing on the edge of the pit.
The shepherds who grazed the animals in these areas for some time still heard the sound of bells, sometimes finding crosses thrown by the devils. Even today, when you are in the pit when the wind calms down, you can feel the vibrations of the bells. The elders say it is a gateway to hell.