Masčio ežeras

The Cloud Mastis

Many centuries ago, lakes began to settle on the land. Not finding a place for themselves, they flew around the earth in the form of large, unusual clouds. Some of them flew around the earth for so long that they even forgot their names and the reason what they were flying for. Those flying cloud-lakes were extraordinary, inhabited by fish, aquatic plants, and other marine creatures like mermaids. Sometimes, smarter swans or ducks landed on those giant cloud-lakes and waited until the cloud brought them to the south.
People were afraid of such clouds because if the cloud got tired of looking for their place, they would descend over a village and flood both the village and all the people in it. So people had learned to guess the name of the cloud, then he would calmly descend into the ravine dedicated to him, settle there, and no one would be harmed.
The same happened in Telšiai. The elders still remember their grand grandparents telling how a lake once hung over the city. He showed up on Sunday above the marketplace. The inhabitants were afraid that he would flood the whole town because the cloud was one of the big ones spinning around the earth for more than a few centuries.
People tried to guess his name to save themselves. All the inhabitants looked up, watching the giant fish inside the floating cloud trying to think of the right word. The city’s most intelligent people guessed in turn, made lists, read them, and ... nothing. The cloud still hung over the city without moving. Three days later, part of the Telšiai city residents lost their hopes, gathered their belongings and prepared to leave. Suddenly, an angry tailor with a measure (meter) in his hands ran out of the tavern shouting: „I will hit you with this MEASURE, you will know!“
The cloud-lake really liked this word, so he chose it as his own name and quietly landed near the town. To this day, the lake is called Mastis.