Taurapilio piliakalnis

The Church of Taurapilis

People say that there is a cursed church at the bottom of Lake Tauragnas. Who and why cured the church we will tell you in another story, this one is about a priest who was destined to save the church.
One night the priest had a strange dream. A maliciously smiling devil appeared to him, carrying a church on his shoulder and bringing it to the bottom of the lake. The devil’s image was changed by a strangely dressed old man, who told Brauža that the priest was special and would remove the curse of the church. He only needed to wait for the new moon, go to the mound at midnight, and hold Mass.
When the new moon came, Brauža called the parishioners, and all procession went with chants on the mound, but the Mass wasn‘t held. The priest noticed that he did not have a cruet. The priest returned without holding the Mass.
The same night he dreamed the same old man, who said: „You were destined to raise the church, but the cruet was gone because you were told to hold Mass alone.“
The priest didn’t dare to go there for the second time, so the church is still at the lake’s bottom.
Occasionally, during the new moon, standing on the Taurapilis mound, you can see the church spire or the devil’s horns in the middle of the lake.