Salako bažnyčia


The old inhabitants of Salakas have heard their grandparents telling stories that in Salakas were three churches: one on Mazurkevičius Street, where the old graveyard is, another one behind the current church, on the crossroads, and the third one where the current church stands. On Easter night, the locals used to go from one church to the other to keep themselves awake. By the time they'd visited them all, the day would dawn.
Another story circulating among the people is that Salakas was a large town with 12 churches before the war with the French. However, the war with Napoleon wiped out the whole town. Only a small town was rebuilt later. It is said that hills near Salakas are evidence of the war, it is said that soldiers are buried there. Also, there is a stone near those hills with a carved plate and fork on which Napoleon ate his lunch.