Lepelionių piliakalnis

Napoleon’s hat

Napoleon’s march to Moscow in 1812 left many traces in Lithuania, and with these traces, a lot of legends floating in the air.
Several of them settled in Prienai district. To the mound, which has many names, the name of Napoleon’s hat also stuck. Why hat? Take a close look at the mound, what shape does it remind you? There are two legends of the origin of the mound associated with Napoleon. People disagree on which one is real, so we’ll tell both, and you’ll decide which one is real.
The first legend tells how Napoleon rode towards Russia during the summer, hoping to occupy Moscow. While riding, he became hungry. The whole army stopped precisely where the mound stands today. Napoleon liked the place, only it appeared a little bit flat. So he told each soldier to scoop sand with his hat and pour it in that place. With about 650,000 soldiers, the hill became quite big. Pleased Napoleon climbed on top and had his lunch.
The second legend tells how defeated Napoleon rode home from Moscow in wintertime. He rode towards Marijampolė, when suddenly a large gust of wind blew away Napopelon’s hat. The soldiers managed to grab it, but the proud general stopped and, looking at the map, ordered the soldiers to bury his hat on the side of the road. Soldiers poured the ground with their helmets. Thus rose a hill marking the middle of the road between Paris and Moscow.