Kiauklių ežeras

Kiaukliai Church

Did you know that at the bottom of Kaiukliai lake stands a church?
A long time ago, when Lake Kiaukliai didn‘t exist, a church stood in that place, and a small village was located around it. People said that bad things were going on there. Some noted the devil itself settled there, and others said that witches liked to stop and spent some time in the village. With the spread of these rumors, things started to change. One evening a giant hole opened in the middle of the village, the next day the second in the western part of the village, and the third evening in the northern part. The holes were so deep that no one could see the bottom, and when people threw the stone, it never fell. People got used to the holes and continued to live as they used to. Three weeks later, three larks shouted for three days in a nearby forest. Rumors said that part of the village population had even gone mad from the noise. And after three days, water erupted from those three holes and flooded both the church and the surrounding village. This is how Lake Kiaukliai appeared.
Even today, when the bells of the new church are ringing, the church from the bottom of the lake responds.
Listen carefully.