The Hills of Kernavė

Do you know why on each of the three hills of Kernavė, you need to tap the heel of the shoe three times to the ground?
Oh, so that the end of the world does not come! It is said that just before the end of the world, three hills will unite, and three carriages will emerge from them, each with an extraordinary chariot: one from gold, the second from silver, and the third from iron. Each carriage will carry as many treasures as twelve horses can pull it. All three chariots will go to different sides, bringing wealth as a ransom to the dark powers to stop the end of the world. The gold carriage will go to Vilnius, the silver carriage to Trakai, and the iron carriage to Veliuona, where dark powers have their headquarters.
The elders say that a very stubborn, pure-hearted person can enter those tunnels where carriers sleep. Tunnels lead to the enchanted underground castle. To get to the castle, you need to go through the iron gate where the iron wolves rest and protect the iron chariot and its treasures. Then, through the silver, where silver snakes protect the silver carrier and its treasures. Finally, through the golden gate guarded by two golden lions sleeping in a golden chariot. After uprooting the lion’s whisker, you can unlock the golden gate and enter the enchanted castle, where all the wealth of Kernavė is stored. A person of pure heart will be able to carry as much as s/he can fit in her/his pockets, and if, somehow, a wicked man manages to come to the castle, the lion will bite his head when he leaves.
Don’t forget to tap with your shoe three times on each of Kernavė hills and if you’re a pure-hearted person, look for the entrance to the enchanted underground castle.