A Greedy Man’s Gold

The mound of Maisiejūnai is shrouded in myths and legends. Some tell about the giants who raised the mounds of Maisiejūnai and Lašiniai to wave at each other in greeting as good neighbors do. Others tell of a former pagan shrine that was set up in this place. Still, others suggest that Swedes poured the dainty hills. A not-so-known legend tells a less noble and less pretty story of how the mound came into being.
People say that once upon a time, the wealthiest nobleman of the entire Kruonis district used to live here. His name was Maisiejūnas. His manor was reminiscent of a royal palace, with its white columns, park lanes, fountains, and majestic statues. Maisiejūnas loved his treasures immensely, and neither wanted nor planned to share them with anyone. Simply put, he was as greedy as a pig.
As he was getting ever richer, mister Maisiejūnas was also turning into a decrepit old and lonely man. One day he realized that he had not made any family who could take care of his possessions and, stricken by sorrow, fell very ill.
Greedy Maisiejūnas did not want anyone to lay their hands on his treasures and decided to bury them. He ordered that a blacksmith make a giant chest, put all his gold into it, and buried it in the fields. But still, his heart could not be appeased, as he got afraid some local peasants would find out about the gold and dig it out. "No way," thought Maisiejūnas. "I'll have a hill erected in that place."
And so he set out to execute his plan. Everyone in the manor worked days and nights to fulfill their master's wish. But Maisiejūnas couldn't be satisfied. Still worried about his buried treasures, he ordered that a giant boulder be rolled off the bank of the river Strėva and brought to the very top of the hill.
Do you think that was enough? Of course not! Even after he had buried his treasures, raised a hill, and placed a giant boulder on top, Maisiejūnas still could not appease his greed and decided to curse the place where his treasures had been buried. And because of that curse, to this very day, no one has been able to access Maisiejūnas's gold, because the deeper the gold hunters have been digging, the deeper it has been sinking.
The greedy old man died a long time ago and has been completely forgotten, but the hill under which his treasures are buried is still called Maisiejūnas's mound.