Amalvo ežeras

Devil’s Work

Amalvas lake and swamp have always been famous as a place where devils live. There are so many of them, you could say that this place is like the devil’s city-swamp. When the devils don’t bring stones on the churches (to destroy them), when they don’t seduce innocent virgins, and when they don’t make evil jokes on people, they lived their funny devilish lives on the shores of Amalvas lake and wetlands.
People still remember one happening from the lives of the devils. Once devils held a wedding on one shore, they wanted to repeat one of people’s customs – to ride on the bridge. So, they decided to build their own bridge across the lake. A whole gang of unorganized devils started to work: one group of devils dragged stones from the fields for several nights and threw them scattered into the lake; others brought sand and earth in the sacks from the surrounding areas. People say that this is how the swamp formed as devils poured half of the lake with the earth and sand.
But one early morning, the rooster of a nearby village was so loud that one devil, frightened, threw a stone on the ground, fell on it, and a picture of the devil pressed on that stone. That stone lies somewhere in the swamp till today. For devils who carried the sand and heard the rooster, the sacks tore, and all the sand poured out, leaving several hills in the middle of the swamp. The bridge wasn’t built, although the devils still celebrated the wedding loudly.
When you visit Amalvas lake and swamp, don’t forget to be very observant, watch intently between the trees, among the grass, among the water splashes, maybe you will accidentally see a devil.