Galvožerio ežeras

Demands the Sacrifice

Many years ago, people around Gudakiemis and Kazokiškės villages began to observe a strange phenomenon: the winter is cold, even the river freezes, but the nearby lake and swamp do not freeze at all. Next year, as soon as the first frost appears, the lake and the swamp immediately freezes. And so it keeps repeating, flew winter it covers in ice, and some winter, it leaves unfrozen again.
One thoughtful and vigilant man began to observe a strange and dreadful pattern: as soon as someone drowns in the lake, that year the lake freezes, and if no one drowns, the lake leaves unfrozen. People liked when the lake turned to ice, then the kids went skiing there, and the fishermen pulled pike from under the ice. Therefore, people began to offer sacrifices to the lake, and the lake was named Galvoežeris (the Head Lake) because it demands a head for each winter.
Very long ago, it was believed that each creature was assigned to take its own reward, so even the waters take their sacrifices.