Cursed Cibikalnis girl

Did you hear that?
That's not some distant church bells tolling. That's the sound of the keys from an old manor. Since the oldest times, people have known about a devil who would deliberately mislead people wandering about Cibakalnis by jingling his keys and even cursing them.
That's what happened to a young farmhand who, after his day's work, decided to cut some willow branches near Cibakalnis. When he got there, he met a pretty gal dressed in white. But her face was very, very sad. The gal asked him to help her: "Save me from the curse, a young man, and I'll give you my manor. That's how you gotta save me: I'll appear to you looking very ugly, ugly like a devil, and you'll have to kiss me."
The lad thought that this girl was the daughter of prophet Prabauda, who had lived a very long time ago and had his daughter buried alive in a mound because of some forbidden love affair. Enchanted by the girl's beauty and innocence, the lad, promised to help her the following night.
The next evening, after a day of hard work in the fields, the lad set off for Cibikalnis once again. After he got there, he waited for an hour, two hours, and three. Thinking the gal had duped him, the young man was about to head back home, but as soon as he turned to leave, he froze with fear. A scary devil appeared from behind a tree, jingling a set of rusty keys. The young lad ran, and the devil ran after him. Seeing that he would miss the man, the devil threw the keys after him. The keys fell on the ground, and the devil-gal vanished.
The young man returned home but fell very ill. On his death bed, he managed to tell his friends about that unfortunate accident. His friends found the cursed keys and took them to the priest, who placed them at the church's altar. And the keys still jingle, to this very day, making an awful sound and luring gullible night wanderers.