Giluičio ežeras

A Bell in Giluitis Lake

Once upon a time, during one freezing winter, a master of bells brought two bells through the Lake of Giluitis to Simnas Church. But the ropes of one bell came loose, and the bell rolled out of the carriage, broke the ice, and sank. The master cursed that bell.
A few decades later, a man walked across a frozen lake. The ice was cracked in the middle of the lake. When the man walked up the crack, the storm suddenly began, and the man saw how the bell rose from the lake. The bell told the man to go to the priests of Simnas and ask them to come to the lake at precisely twelve o’clock at night, bring the items needed for the Mass, and hold the Mass.
The priests of Simnas came and brought all the things, except the thing that lights and puts out the candle’s light.
Then, with a big thud, the bell came out of the lake and said: „You would have taken me out of the lake, but you forgot one thing.“
After that, the bell loudly ringing sank to the bottom.
That same winter, while another man was walking across the lake, he heard a loud bell rang, the man was frightened and started to run, but the voice of the bell reached him: „Don’t worry, I’ll rise again in a few decades, and if you pull me out, no one will drown. And if no one will pull me out, then a person will drown every year.“
That’s right - every year person drowns.
The inhabitants of Simnas are still waiting for the bell to rise again to be saved. So when you are at Gailutis Lake, listen carefully. Maybe you will succeed to save the bell.