ContactThe goal of TalePointer is to encourage Lithuanian residents and foreign travelers to discover the rich culture of our country, and especially its folklore, to encourage them to travel the paths of legends, myths and tales without rushing, experiencing every story.

The idea came by accident when we started reading Lithuanian tales. We were thinking, can we find a specific geographical location that is represented in all these stories, legends and tales? Search for links to specific locations has begun. We observed that by linking a story to a specific place, stories come to life, acquires physical form, it becomes not just ink on white paper. By linking stories, tales, or legends to place, we can cultivate our imagination, imagine how our ancestors constructed their perceptions of the world, what was important to them, and at the same time discover that the same fundamental things — values, fears, hopes — are still important and relevant nowadays.

The development of the idea was also stimulated by the fact that Lithuanian folklore has been narrative since ancient times, and with the modernization of society and the transition to digitization, Lithuanian folklore "settled" in various written and electronic sources, books. Very little folklore remained in our daily lives, we wanted to give it a second breath and relate it to the reflections of modern folklore.

In 2020, the pandemic situation limited various social gatherings, so many cultural field operators moved their content to the digital space. Digital media, social networks become extremely relevant, as it allows people to participate in cultural life. So, this was another factor that led to the development of the idea. It has been observed that there is a great need for unique digital products that would ensure all security regulations, but at the same time allow an unrestricted experience of culture. Also, the first wave of quarantine revealed how Lithuanians actively turned to local tourism.

These reasons encouraged to submit an application „Digital Package “Sakmių gaudyklė“ for the Lithuanian Council for Cultural in the middle of 2020. The project aims to revive Lithuanian legends, stories and tales by digital and artistic means, to present them in a modern, interesting and understandable way; to acquaint and remind the tradition of colloquial folklore; to increase interest in Lithuanian traditional culture.

The results of the project - a mobile application (TalePointer) and this website - are designed to acquaint Lithuanian and foreign travelers with Lithuanian folklore, ethnocultural heritage associated with specific places; encourage people to visit legendary places both virtually from home (stories, photographs) and live (virtual guide narration, animated augmented reality, maps).

Project partners: Kaunas District Tourism and Business Information Center, Kaišiadorys Tourism and Business Information Center and Public Institution "Discover Raseiniai".

Contact us: info@talepointer.com