Šakališkiai mound

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Travel slowly - enjoy every place you visit

TalePointer is a collection of fairy tales, stories, myths, legends, marking where giants once lived, where devils carried stones, and where whiches flew.

Download an app and read or listen to forgotten stories. When you arrive in a particular place, watch the mysterious world on your phone.

How to use?

Folklore in modern times

Discover extraordinary stories, legends, myths, legends, and see them in reality! Each story is associated with a real place, which you can visit and learn its extraordinary story with the help of the mobile application.

Map and audio guide

With the map and navigation function in the mobile application, you can easily get to the selected location. You can listen to the audio guide of the story on the go or on the spot.

Augmented reality

The augmented reality feature will help you see the revival of the story, and encourage you to look at the place a little differently.


We observed that by linking a story to a specific place, stories come to life, acquires physical form, it becomes not just ink on white paper. By linking stories, tales, or legends to place, we can cultivate our imagination, imagine how our ancestors constructed their perceptions of the world, what was important to them, and at the same time discover that the same fundamental things — values, fears, hopes — are still important and relevant nowadays.